Biz tip #1

I’m constantly surprised when I run into business owners who are still figuring out really simple tips and tricks to reducing their overhead or just plain old doing things a little simpler. It’s why these Mastermind groups are so popular though. Tons of people coming together and sharing a pool of knowledge so that everyone can get on the same page FASTER instead of wasting money and time working harder instead of smarter.

Business tip #1 – need a cute graphic but don’t have the funds for a professional peep? Try out a FREE program You’ll be blown away at what you can do for free to up the quality of your social media posts.

They say graphics get more views than status’ and videos get more views than graphics. But if you are still learning this social media thing…start with graphics. Canva makes that learning curve a heck of a lot easier.

When it’s over

It was one of those things that I didn’t know I would miss until I was running away…or maybe I was walking slowly with my eyes already on what was next. I don’t know…I just know I’m left with this feeling of emptiness where you were.

You consumed me inside and out, tormented me with the idea of what you might think of me, and pushed me to be more than I was. I came to you a little afraid and ashamed to show it, daunted by what lay before me, afraid of what you might ask me to do…afraid because I might fail you. You who had accomplished so much, humbled yourself to seem impressed…impressed at ME. What could I possibly have to offer you?

Instead of failure, we spoke in a harmony that hardly seemed possible. I questioned over and over if this could possibly be real. I must have been lucky. I must be so caught up in the experience that I am kidding myself as to how euphoric this was to me. I was captured by every expression, every smile, every unplanned word. My fascination drew me into the web that you had spun and did whatever you asked. My exhaustion nearly disappeared when I was with you, my tears forgotten. When you were down, I felt your pain and momentary disappearance from the life we had created…and when you were happy I could only smile in wonder.

But how you made me angry at you…not realizing that I was breathing for you. Not seeing my exhaustion, ignoring my needs, oblivious to anything but the moment. So caught up that at times I wasn’t sure you really saw me…but who I represented to you. And how I loved being angry with you all the same. I knew you cared. I did. It’s just that I wanted more…as much as I was giving you.

Then it was over. Barely a hug, a quick pat, a wave and a whisper of a goodbye and all that had consumed me was gone. I heard the promises to keep in touch, to stay friends. But my heart told me you would move on to others, feel those exact same things, say those same words, and walk away all the same. I wondered if you would hold me in a special place in your heart? Was I kidding myself to think this had been something special, simply because it had been special to me? I’ll admit…I’m jealous to think that soon, despite your promises, I will be nothing more than a name in your page. A vague face who did not change your life as you did mine. You were my first…perhaps that is why I will always remember. And perhaps why you will not remember me.

Now that it’s over, I wish I would have stood up and screamed my existance so that you would never forget it. I wish I would have made every minute count, taken too many pictures, found a camcorder, and raised hell just to see that frustration that showed me you cared. I wish I would have shone better so that every one you go to after me will remind you of what had been.

I would have lingered instead of run my friends.

I only ran because I had no idea what I was running from.

When asked if everyone should go to college I said…

I was honored to be asked to be part of a video series a local buisness was doing for students looking towards what career to choose. Since I’ve completely embraced the gig economy, they snagged me to talk about how I decided on what I’m doing & how I learned about the business I chose.

Then they asked, on video, if I thought college was important for every student. I hesitated. I know the answer that’s been shoved down my throat. I know the answer that prompted past bosses to treat me differently.

I know the answer I’m supposed to say to kids watching the video. But I couldn’t say it because I honestly don’t believe it. Is college for everyone, I said after a long hesitation? No. It’s not.

I tend to think of people as having two kinds of work personalities. The ones that need an immersive experience to help prepare them, build habits, & build their peer network they will work with & rely on in their industry.

Then there’s the type that creates that work flow. They build their own networks. They find mentors instead of professors. They get certifications instead of degrees. They start with low rates for clients instead of a classroom & then launch to a bigger market with they’ve passed the test.

Do I think everyone belongs in a college spending a lot of money to get a degree? No. Do I think it might get you there faster? Absolutely. You get what you pay for. But if you can build it and enjoy the journey…build it and save yourself 100k.