What you need to know about Lyft Drivers

It’s no secret I not only have a lot of side hustles I try to understand and try out, but I’m around a significant number of people who do their own side hustles. And people ask me what being a Lyft or Uber driver looks like from an outsider perspective. Here’s a few things that I’ve found every driver should know:

  • Application process
    • Surprisingly this can take up to 2 weeks so don’t panic if you are signed up for one ride-share and then sign up for another and it takes forever to get you approved. I’ve seen people approved in one day, and I’ve seen people approved in as long as two weeks
    • You CAN drive for both Uber and Lyft so don’t feel bad applying for both.
  • Best Practices
    • Clean Car
    • Don’t hold your phone – get a holder that keeps it up in eye level
    • Ask passenger if they are the name of who your app says you’re picking up
    • Asking passengers which way they’d prefer you take (GPS workaround)
      • You can use other navigation systems! Pair them up in settings
    • Good music
      • Try getting Spotify, Pandora or Sirius XM but I LOVE Spotify because I can tailor my playlists for a generation, genre of music or blue collar individual. When we get to talking it’s so easy to scroll down my playlist at a stop and switch playlists to something increases my ratings and good comments.
    • Cash rides
      • There’s a lot of debate over whether going out of the app and accepting cash for rides is beneficial or dangerous. As a best practice, it’s dangerous to go outside the app. Always, always, always ask passengers to use the app who try to tempt you to accept cash in order to pick them up. Why?
        • Insurance purposes
        • Yo passengers will call you at ALL hours
        • You have no way to make them behave in your ride.
    • Cover your seats and use things to protect your car
    • Rideshare insurance
    • Laws to understand
      • Underage – we cannot pick up under 17 passengers unless they are accompanied by an adult. NO MINORS
      • Booster seats – the ride requirements for a rideshare are the same for a regular car. Booster seats or car seats are REQUIRED by law.
  • Ratings
    • You can use the rating system to keep your experience great. 5 stars mean that you have a high possibility of getting paired with that person again. 3 stars or below will ensure you won’t be paired with that passenger again if it was a poor experience for you
    • You will get a weekly email about your Lyft rides…READ IT! It’s an amazing source of feedback.
    • Keep your car clean. Weekly or monthly rates available instead of detailing. But if you have a detailer PLEASE let us know.
    • Offer water, food, snacks, gum, phone charger and other things
  • Things to understand
    • Part of the service industry – tipping is huge. TIP AS A DRIVER. Talk about it as a driver and a passenger. Encourage drivers to talk about it in a combative way. Post about it in your community.
    • Scheduled rides are coming – keep checking for them!
    • Lyft can reroute you to a different passenger due to proximity or someone you’ve 5 stared before. You’re most likely not being cancelled on, but Lyft algorithm’s determined another ride would be better.
    • There’s a little 45+ icon that will appear when the ride is over 45 minutes long before you accept a ride
  • How to manage your business
    • Stay in the loop of busy/slow times – constantly changing
      • Weather
      • Events
      • Work patterns
    • Join FB pages for drivers
    • Airport/big city runs
    • Passing out flyers to businesses that have a high traffic of workers/drinkers

Forbes posted this amazing article on what you need to know about driving that I thought drove home some amazing points – from managing your business to knowing the market before you join. Check out their tidbits https://www.forbes.com/sites/insights-sovos/2019/04/18/global-taxation-is-going-digital-heres-how-to-prepare/#71d3fca94fd3

Lyft stories

You’re not going to believe this Lyft ride


You’re never going to believe this Lyft ride story

Posted by Ambyr Rose on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why you can’t find a good woman

Had a Lyft passenger that got in the other day and asked where were all the good single women in Lima, and that he was going to start looking in Columbus because all the women here were no good.

After i picked my jaw up off the floor, I informed him I felt like all I knew were single incredible women in the area. And in surprise he asked… Where are they? And then admitted that he barely left the house.

You know where they are? They’re working hard on themselves. They’re building their dreams. They’re in the community building communities around them. They’re in church praying for our city. They are volunteering at places that desperately need both men and women… And they are stepping up because we are short willing hands that don’t demand change be handed to them.

So if you’re not out there working on yourself or in your community… Chances are you won’t meet many of the incredible women that make up the community you live in.

2019 goals men… complain less that there are no incredible women willing to come to your doorstep and become an incredible man this year.