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You’re not going to believe this Lyft ride


You’re never going to believe this Lyft ride story

Posted by Ambyr Rose on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why getting mad made me learn something new

Let me tell you about my day. First off it was a marathon from about 730am this morning with a serious debate as to whether or not I REALLY needed to get out of bed. But I had two audio projects I had to voice before I went to an appointment. After the appointment is when it all went to hell.

I doggy sit and do doggy walks. Did I mention that? One of my side hustles and sheer accidental business. These particular doggy walks are neighbors. The left side heard about me and tried me and liked me, so he told his neighbor who was new to town and she hired me to. Left side has a nice sedate older Golden Retriever. Right side has an older lab and a young husky. A YOUNG HUSKY. If you don’t know anything about this breed, just know that they love to run. I already knew I had my work cut out for me but TODAY SATAN CAME CALLING. Somehow during the second lap around the block, the old boy got out of his collar which according to the owner is fine to walk him without a leash. I’m not his master though. He doesn’t need to listen to me and he knows it. He also knows I have a very fast husky that I have to hold on to. So what does he do? This gentle creature who’s owner keeps telling me is fine to walk him off leash because he’s slow and meanders through yards.

That boy decided to run home. Cut through yards, cut through snow, and ran. Now fun fact about me. I don’t run. If someone came up to me to try and rob me and my choice was to fight or run, I sure as hell would stand there because I hate to run. But today I ran my jiggly butt as fast as me and the husky could to keep up. Huffing and puffing and thinking my lungs were going to explode, I barely beat him up the sidewalk to his house and let them both in. All three of us collapsed on the floor.

Marathoned over to a lunch that didn’t have everyone that was supposed to make it. Then stopped at a girlfriends office to TRY and get some work done on that audio as well as send out invites to a big event. But I was just so dang TIRED. So at the encouragement of the girls in the office I tried to go home to take a nap…

But forgot I had a 4pm video conference, a 5pm Pub Club/Engage Lima Event and then finally dinner and karaoke. But wait…it gets better.

At the end of the video conference, I realized I needed a different outfit for the Engage Lima skating event. But my washer was filled with water and wouldn’t turn on to actually washed the clothes, drain or anything. As I came upstairs I smelled something weird, and passed my sink which had both sides full of weird dark water. Also wouldn’t drain no matter how many times I tried to make sure the garbage disposal was full. The ENTIRE time this is going on I can hear one of my cats meowing…but it didn’t register till I backed away from the dark sludge in my sink. She was meowing like she was stuck. But in a house we have been in for three years, I couldn’t wrap my mind around where she would suddenly get stuck. Why now? In the middle of all this?

When one of my roommates came home at the tail end of this thought she confirmed she could hear the cat and after a full search of the house, realized somehow the cat had gotten outside and was under the deck. The full enclosed underneath of the deck. Our options? Hack open one of the boards to get her. Unscrew a board to get her except they were all underneath and seemed to be tightly fit together. When the neighbor’s handymen happened to pull up, they happened to have a drill and zipped open the screws on the side of the deck so we didn’t have to tear anything up. By the time we coaxed her out I had missed two events and my dinner friend had been gracious enough to come to my house and wait while we rescued the cat.

At this point I was pissed. I felt helpless. Like I couldn’t control anything. So after the much needed dinner date, I decided to skip karaoke and just let myself be mad. My good clothes were sitting in a lot of water in that washer.

I remembered my roommate saying she thought the latch wasn’t working. So I did the next logical thing. I stuck my finger inside the place the latch would normally get pushed down to register that the lid was down. Ripped my beautiful nail color off. So I figured I needed something not so soft. Grabbed a screw and stuck that inside instead. Bingo. It worked. So now my clothes were draining and hopefully won’t smell like day old water.

Next was my sink. After taking all the dishes out, I realized…the garbage disposal wasn’t working. It would move water from one side of the sink to the other. Of all the things a garbage disposal was supposed to do I was pretty sure this wasn’t one of them. So I started YouTubing video’s on how to take apart garbage disposals. Worried I might tenderize my hand and stopped. Then realized my furnace was out and I had no heat or hot water in the house. But I figured I’d accomplished enough from getting so mad.

Decided it was time for bed and I am going to deal with all this tomorrow.