Facebook Units

I don’t know if you’ve checked this out on FB yet but they unlocked a feature called Units for Social Learning type Groups. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what that means, I had to Google it. I also had to Google how to create a Group that had it because I just had no clue. But the idea is, you could have a whole group of people that you teach the same thing to. So if you have a group of people that you are mentoring for their eating habits and you know you take them through the same orientation or set up every single time…then design a unit for anyone else new that signs up. And let the unit do it for you.

Check out my attempt here in my city happenings page https://www.facebook.com/groups/limaohioevents/

So I did a Demo!

But since I’m a voiceover artist, what other spot is there but YouTube and Soundcloud? I finally sucked it up and did a demo last year for the first time in 7 years of doing commercials for TV and radio.

I have been putting off pitching myself to agents. I don’t even know why I’m afraid to do it. But I actually am a little terrified. It’s not that I’m not used to hearing no…I TOTALLY am. But admittedly I’ve gotten comfortable.

Tell me what you think first…then I’ll take the leap and tell you how it went!


So the Newspaper did a thing

And I got an interview off of what I’m doing in AirBnb in the area. So here’s what happened…

I have two roomies. One’s been with me 3 years and the other had been with us a year and a half…and then got a fabulous job in Columbus. While I was pretty bummed, an idea hit me. With all the people coming to town, why not see if there was a need for AirBnb locally. I’d heard there were hotels in town that got full, and I heard finding a place rent or even purchase was difficult right now because things were flying off the market so fast. Soooo

Lima-area Airbnb hosts help with recruitment of new talent

Biz tip #1

I’m constantly surprised when I run into business owners who are still figuring out really simple tips and tricks to reducing their overhead or just plain old doing things a little simpler. It’s why these Mastermind groups are so popular though. Tons of people coming together and sharing a pool of knowledge so that everyone can get on the same page FASTER instead of wasting money and time working harder instead of smarter.

Business tip #1 – need a cute graphic but don’t have the funds for a professional peep? Try out a FREE program Canva.com. You’ll be blown away at what you can do for free to up the quality of your social media posts.

They say graphics get more views than status’ and videos get more views than graphics. But if you are still learning this social media thing…start with graphics. Canva makes that learning curve a heck of a lot easier.

Why everyone should have a crappy first job

My little adopted brother is 16 and is chomping at the bit for his first job. It’s probably the independence in him. And he’s excited to start creating his life, which by all accounts in his mind starts when he gets that first job.

I almost hate to let him down easy that this first one is going to suck. But I don’t want him going in blind. Although I do want him going in.

So I made sure I made something clear. You need a crappy job for your first job and you need to keep it for at least a year. Why?

-because the only time you exercise patience is once in a while with your siblings. You need the time to learn how to deal with co-workers who act like children

-because you need at least a year doing something you hate so you can learn how to do excellent work in crappy circumstances

-because you need time to make mistakes. Time to be late and learn the consequences. Time have bad days and learn how that affects your team and numbers. Time to learn how to turn bad days into BETTER days. Better days into GOOD days.

-because you need to show your next job that you are reliable and can be somewhere, even a crappy job, for at least a year. And let them imagine what you could do with a job that makes you happy.

-because you need to see your value. Seeing what is poor work ethic and building good work ethic anyway is more valuable currency than most the people going up against you in an interview is going to have.

I hope I prepared him and didn’t discourage him. And we are lucky to be in an area where he has a lot of options to choose from in a first job.

Here’s hoping it’s the crappiest…and he finds his humor sooner rather than later in that first year.