One of my favorite time saver tools

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is definitely worth more. Here’s a quick overview of one of my favorite timesaver tools – Canva

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This is a breakup

I’m breaking up with you.

I’ve had it up to here with you, Guilt. You talk down to me. You make me feel like I don’t deserve to take care of myself. And you are mean. You aren’t just mean, you are cruel.

You don’t like the way I look no matter how hard I try. And when I try hard, I stand in the mirror and you tell me it’s not enough. Or worse, that I don’t deserve this time and it would be better to give this selfish time to someone else. Like I don’t deserve my own effort.

You tell me things about myself even my worst boyfriend didn’t have the balls to say out loud.

I’ve cared about some guys in my life. You keep telling me he wouldn’t have chosen someone else if I wasn’t fat, ugly or old. Then turn around and tell me I’ll let people down I care about if I say yes to fixing fat, old and ugly and say no to people i love.

You’re unreasonable. You’re illogical. You play mind games.

You talk me out of trips I still think about a year later.

I hide parts of myself because of you. Because you whisper every chance you get that I’ll be alone forever if I show anyone.

You keep me from food I wanted to try. It would NOT have added 5 pounds to my hips. Especially if you’d shut up when I get to the gym and stand in the mirror. I would have gladly worked it off.

I’m tired of trying to drown you out with what I do for other people. I want both. To love other people AND love myself.

This is your eviction notice. Starting Monday I’m going to expose you for the petty little game player you are.

Headed out for some #selfcare today,

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Auditioning for the Voice

I feel blessed to have some surreal moments in my life …really because I’m surrounded by surreal amazing people. What’s that saying. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I took this plunge to do a three day unplugged event called Emmaus. I can’t explain a lot because, well, you’re not supposed to know what it is till you get there. But if you’re religious…this is something you’ll want to find the closest one to in your area and go.

But we got to the end of the third day with all these ladies I was blown away by and had to go home. Which made me sad. And as I’m sitting at home, I get a call. These ladies found out the Voice auditions were happening just a few days away in Chicago and said “We got you a hotel and gas to get there – do you want to register? Let’s go audition for The Voice!”

And I did. Cleared everything and just went. These women I had spent three days with pooled their resources to get three of us ladies there so that I could audition. The hotel was beautiful. These ladies were beautiful – Deanna and Jeni. My heart.

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We have this local inventor right

Local guy got tired of wobbly headboards and actually invented this cool device that secures your headboard to the wall. You’d legit think something already existed…but it didn’t. This thing is genius. I use it in all my AirBnb’s. Easy installation…easy to move later. Just gotta have a wood headboard.

I’m dead!

I totally jumped into this video

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Lyft stories

You’re not going to believe this Lyft ride


You’re never going to believe this Lyft ride story

Posted by Ambyr Rose on Thursday, December 27, 2018

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The local film scene is growing

It’s neat to see locals digging in to learn the craft of filmmaking, camera work, techniques and finishing films in a variety of length. I just love that we are PLAYING. Here’s eyes on a video I had a chance to be a part of in a very small way casting wise.

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Things you say a lot as as pet sitter

Things you find yourself saying a lot as a pet sitter.

Don’t eat that poop.

Don’t attacked a human who is eight times your size.

You are not a big dog stop trying to scare the Caterpillar.

Don’t lick that butt.

Don’t eat that mulch.

Clean up the food I dropped.

Don’t eat the food that I dropped!

Who’s the most adorable dog in the world?

The fire hydrant is not looking at you funny.

The mailman is not evil. Please stop barking at him every day.

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Why you can’t find a good woman

Had a Lyft passenger that got in the other day and asked where were all the good single women in Lima, and that he was going to start looking in Columbus because all the women here were no good.

After i picked my jaw up off the floor, I informed him I felt like all I knew were single incredible women in the area. And in surprise he asked… Where are they? And then admitted that he barely left the house.

You know where they are? They’re working hard on themselves. They’re building their dreams. They’re in the community building communities around them. They’re in church praying for our city. They are volunteering at places that desperately need both men and women… And they are stepping up because we are short willing hands that don’t demand change be handed to them.

So if you’re not out there working on yourself or in your community… Chances are you won’t meet many of the incredible women that make up the community you live in.

2019 goals men… complain less that there are no incredible women willing to come to your doorstep and become an incredible man this year.

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