Auditioning for the Voice

I feel blessed to have some surreal moments in my life …really because I’m surrounded by surreal amazing people. What’s that saying. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I took this plunge to do a three day unplugged event called Emmaus. I can’t explain a lot because, well, you’re not supposed to know what it is till you get there. But if you’re religious…this is something you’ll want to find the closest one to in your area and go.

But we got to the end of the third day with all these ladies I was blown away by and had to go home. Which made me sad. And as I’m sitting at home, I get a call. These ladies found out the Voice auditions were happening just a few days away in Chicago and said “We got you a hotel and gas to get there – do you want to register? Let’s go audition for The Voice!”

And I did. Cleared everything and just went. These women I had spent three days with pooled their resources to get three of us ladies there so that I could audition. The hotel was beautiful. These ladies were beautiful – Deanna and Jeni. My heart.

We have this local inventor right

Local guy got tired of wobbly headboards and actually invented this cool device that secures your headboard to the wall. You’d legit think something already existed…but it didn’t. This thing is genius. I use it in all my AirBnb’s. Easy installation…easy to move later. Just gotta have a wood headboard.

I’m dead!

I totally jumped into this video