Take a step back…or forward?

What if the reality you are in…isn’t reality. What if the situation you are in is not what you think it is…but your perception is telling you something completely different because you are actually IN the situation. It’s all you know. Something different seems immoral…seems wrong…because in this reality you have all the answers you need to survive.

But something happens…and you are forced out…left cold and bewildered until you look around. What is this? How did you not see what was really going on? How could you not see the tears of those you affected? You catch yourself wondering just as you get comfortable…is this reality either?

Take another step back.

This isn’t about you or him anymore, it isn’t personal. Your perception is shattered…it’s about them too. Could one trivial word change their lives as well? What about a few hours of your time? Does what you do affect more than what you can see? Could your words inspire change here? Better their lives? Now you start to wonder…did I ever really know what right or wrong was? Have I been handicapping myself all along by what I “think” I can do?

Take another step back.

What do I really know? For that matter, who, do I really know. What am I really doing here? How am I affecting the world? What am I doing that will matter for eternity? Eternity. A scary thought. Every one dies…everyone…but not everyone truly lives. What am I doing to truly live.

Then you realize…these weren’t steps back…they were steps forward all along.

Maybe that’s when I realized that you can do and think whatever you want. You can pretend this all is a big deal…and that this drama matters…or even that you matter. You can keep pretending about whatever it is that is important…after all…it’s your funeral you are betting on to lose…and then it’s too late to take back all those years you wasted over nothing.

Tell the truth.
Get your good clothes dirty.
If you want to fight…fight yourself…and when you get tired…start fighting for someone else.
Quit lying to yourself and get on your knees before you miss the whole point to life.

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