What have I learned?

Here’s a few things I realized I had learned since my bygone days…feel free to add to it…as I will be adding to it as I think of them!

I have learned…

that you live through HS…no matter how awful it is, it doesn’t define who you are.

that taking God’s name in vain is more than just words. We are made in His image, and God is love, and when our actions are unkind and unloving, THAT is taking His name in vain.

that you have to find yourself before you expect anyone else to.

that you should be passionate about something in your life.

that you should love someone with everything that you have, even if you fall flat on your face and breaks your heart into pieces…loving so selflessly will change your life forever.

that giving away is the best way to receive.

that just because I disagree with someone, or because they have done something wrong, is not a good reason to toss them from my life or expect others to do the same.

that you need to choose in a relationship whether you would like to be right, or be happy.

that children learn much more from your actions and how you talk about other authority figures then they do about what you ask them to learn.

that you teach someone how to treat you.

that you need to know yourself, and love yourself, and realize that there is no one out there that can do it for you other than God.

that believing in God enriches your life…in more ways than you can count.

that talking to yourself doesn’t make you crazy…

that there is something completely freeing about telling the truth.

that you cannot please everyone, and the harder you try, the more miserable you and everyone else is.

that you can only be yourself…trying to pretend you are someone else only makes for WWIII eventually.

that hitting someone hurts you more than it does them inside.

that some people will never change, and that’s ok, but it still means I need to love them through it anyway for their own good.

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